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Rose gold hair, strawberry brown hair, cherry wood hair, whatever you wanna call it… I love it!

SUBTLE, CLASSY, CUTE: Rose gold for brown hair. A touch of dark, reddish pink gives a strawberry brown glow in the sunlight for a chic pop of color, perfect for summertime.

Lately I had been looking in the mirror or at pictures of myself, and feeling pretty bummed about how bland and dull my hair color was. I wanted something new that was classy and subtle. I considered honey blonde highlights, but I’ve never bleached my hair, and I’m unwilling to do something so potentially damaging. I was looking for a more natural, less drastic way to change my look up when I heard about rose gold hair.

Information about my hair type prior to oVertone: Natural color without dye, color conditioner, or bleach. Dark brown with some medium brown, orangey toned natural highlights. Naturally curly, 3C curl pattern. I recently did the big chop to get rid of my permanently straightened ends, what was left of the last Japanese thermal reconditioning treatment I had done in August 2016.

I had heard of oVertone before but hadn’t seen a color that looked right for me, until I was intrigued by an advertisement for oVertone Rose Gold for Brown Hair Deep Treatment.

So I did some research. I like how oVertone’s website claims the product is damage-free, as it’s a “color conditioner” and not a dye. My hair is coarse and dry and fairly damaged from frequent flat ironing on high heat, so it is important to me to use products that are not supposed to cause further damage. I looked at photos and videos of other people’s results from the treatment, and I thought it looked fantastic and would be the subtle change I was looking for.

However, I noticed all the brunettes in the reviews I saw at the time had either way lighter brown hair than mine or they had previously bleached highlights in their hair, and that’s where the rose gold color showed up. What about my hair that is a natural darker brown color throughout? I was tentative that the color wouldn’t show up at all but I had to find out for myself what the result would be! I ordered the 8oz tub from oVertone’s site at the price of $28.00 plus $6.49 for the standard slowest shipping and $2.03 tax, for a total of $36.52.

Photos of my natural brown hair color before oVertone

My application process

My purchase arrived eight days after ordering. Packaged in a minimalistic box with a succinct, folded instruction card/poster, the tub is simple and easy to open and close between uses. The conditioner itself is bright, hot pink. The instructions recommend doing a strand test first. Section and saturate product into clean, wet hair–or dry hair for more vibrance–leave in for 10-15 minutes and then rinse. You can see videos on their website with tips and how-tos. I watched a few and they were helpful.

My hair needed a wash but assuming the color would be hard to see on my darker strands, I applied the conditioner to dry, straight hair to start. It’s easier for me to brush the product through straight hair to evenly distribute and I didn’t want to wash, blow dry straight, apply the conditioner and then wet my hair again. I did a strand test and was disappointed to not see much of any result.

Then I distributed product over my whole head of hair in sections, root to tip. To try to get more vibrancy I used a blow dryer on high, rotating it around my head for a couple minutes. I let the product sit for about 30 minutes. I rinsed and then cleansed my hair with my usual no-poo cleanser just at the scalp. I skipped my usual conditioner and deep treatment mask and I applied oVertone again to my wet hair and let it sit for just 15 minutes this time.

I skipped my usual leave-in conditioner but otherwise did the rest of my normal hair routine of blowdrying and flat ironing.

Thoughts on the product results: from dull and bland to warm and rosy toned

Photos of my hair color after oVertone Rose Gold for Brown Hair

After oVertone, my hair gives off a nice, strawberry brown vibrancy in the light, especially at the ends. You can’t see a change on the darkest strands near the roots, as was expected. While there is a noticeable difference in normal lighting, the change is not visible in dim lighting or darkness. I feel like it shows up better on straight hair than on curly hair, maybe because my hair is shinier and appears lighter when straight. Even some of the darker (but not darkest) strands which had been a muddy brown before have been given a great warm, reddish tone that I love! It’s a classy subtle update for my ‘do and I have no regrets.

That being said, the affect isn’t true “rose gold” so I think the name of the product is somewhat misleading. The color it gives certainly doesn’t evoke what I picture when I think of, say, rose gold jewelry. Rose gold to me is a light, pale, peachy, metallic, champagne/rosé color and no stuff is gonna do that unless it’s on bleached blonde hair (obviously). It’s rose without the gold for sure, or also blush, strawberry brown, or cherry wood.

As far as moisturizing my dry hair goes, it wasn’t a bad conditioner. I was able to detangle my curls with relative ease after the conditioner, and my hair didn’t get tangled into knots like it can with some conditioners. However, my hair did not look or feel as moisturized as it does with my usual conditioning product routine, and it was more frizzy after flat ironing. But it wasn’t terrible, and definitely wasn’t as bad as some conditioners I’ve used.

The smell of the product was pleasant at first; it’s sort of a flowery, minty smell like a strong tea or something. I tend to be sensitive to scented products and perfumes, and after a couple minutes, the scent and the minty-ness was a bit irritating to my nose and eyes.

I wish the 8oz tub was a 12oz tub. My hair is not long, but it is thick and dense and I have a lot of it; I had to use a lot of product to fully saturate each section. I would say I used 1/4 of the tub on just the two applications I did in one go, so I feel like if I wanted to keep up this color, I’d be spending too much money. At $36 total, it is on the pricy side for me for a single product.

All things considered, I LOVE LOVE the affect oVertone’s Rose Gold for Brown Hair Deep Treatment had on my hair. The blush colored tone of my hair is gorgeous! I’m so satisfied with it and it was exactly what I needed. I received lots of compliments but more importantly than that, when I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror, I smile and have to check out my own hair because I just can’t get enough of this look! I can’t wait until my hair has grown out longer because I think this will look fantastic then too.


Photos of my hair color after a 2nd application of Rose Gold for Brown Hair

The second session I applied the rose gold conditioner, I did a few things differently in my process. I did not apply to dry hair. I washed my hair first, and I did my usual deep conditioning routine in tandem with the oVertone this time. The color looked a little more vibrant to me this second time and my hair was more moisturized. People who hadn’t noticed the color change the first time noticed this second time, without me bringing it to their attention. I was even happier with the more intense result. It’s fun while still looking professional, classy, and cute.

Verdict: HAPPY with this product!

So what’d you think of my first beauty product review? Will you try this product? What has been your experience with oVertone conditioners, if you’ve tried them already? Do you have any suggestions on what I should try next with my hair? Let me know in the comments. Check back on my blog for future hair stories and thanks for reading!

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