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Fall Petite Fashion 2018 Finds: get inspired by these H&M buys!

The nights have started to get chillier so it’s time to begin pulling together new, inexpensive pieces for my Fall Petite Fashion 2018 wardrobe. First, I compiled a color palette for this season, taking inspiration from Pantone’s Fall/Winter 2018 Top 10 and Classic color palettes. Most of these colors already suit my personal taste. Having a palette to refer to while I’m shopping helps me find items that coordinate well. This is important especially when on a budget, since it means I’m going to repeat a lot of pieces. Having a color palette is key to matching and creating new looks with a small wardrobe!

My fall petite fashion (and winter) 2018-2019 color palette picks fall petite fashion 2018 color palette fall petite fashion 2018 color palette

A lot of these colors are personal favorites of mine because they’re classy, eye-catching while also being neutral and versatile, and I think they look good on me. From left we have dark royal blue, mustard yellow, dark teal, stone grey, baby pink, creamy white, a rusty brown, and a deep red. Variations of each of these colors were in Pantone’s palette, except for the baby pink.

Fall petite fashion picks from H&M

Fall Petite Fashion Finds from H&M
Fall Petite Fashion Finds from H&M
  • Cotton Conscious Shirt (H&M), $17.99
  • Knit Sweater (H&M), $9.99
  • V-neck Jersey Basic Top (H&M), $4.99
  • Short Jumpsuit (H&M), $7.00
  • Large Earrings (H&M), $2.99
  • 7-pack Ankle Socks (H&M), $4.99

Comfy and warm is a must for me during the fall and winter months. I selected a super soft, cotton black and white checked button-up collared shirt. I can see myself wearing this with jeans, or even over a dress (I like mixing casual with dressy items). Even in size 0 the shirt is oversized; this is great for fall petite fashion and a trend I appreciate.

I’ve been trying to mix up my dark closet with some bright, loud colors, so I found a simple fitted mustard yellow sweater to satisfy this goal. One of my favorite colors to keep me warm! It will look fantastic over a black or white dress or collared blouse — maybe over a floral pattern for extra whimsy.

In California where the weather can be unpredictable, layering pieces with a short sleeved item underneath is ideal. I picked this basic fitted v-neck tee, in white in order to introduce more contrast to my wardrobe.

Lastly, this spaghetti strap romper is quirky and colorful, and also comfy. It was inexpensive and I couldn’t pass it up. I’m thinking it will pair well with some thick black tights on crisper evenings, and consequently it actually fits my fall color scheme despite looking pretty springy. As a petite girl, the length on this romper is perfect, not too short or long.

And some accessories

Also I snagged some cheap earrings and socks on my way to check-out. Some cute ankle socks and large gold hoop earrings, although I’ve actually never worn hoops in my life. Don’t ask me why, but I’m super paranoid of somebody or something catching on them and yanking them from my ears. But I bought them anyway and I’m gonna woman up and try incorporating them into my style!

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I hope you enjoyed these fall petite fashion pieces! Do you have any suggestions for looks with this items? As I continue to shop and build out my wardrobe, there will be more posts coming so keep checking here at for more!

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